Bio Sculpture’s New Evo 2 Gel Nail Line

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19th Apr 2016

New! Healthier nails with Bio Sculpture Gel Nail line available at Naturally Yours Stdio spa in West Vancouver.

When it comes to soak-off services, technology has advanced in the past few years, making it much safer for both nails and skin to go under the lamp. But once one innovation starts, it doesn’t stop, especially with Bio Sculpture’s new Evo 2 system. Evo 2, developed by Bio Sculpture, is the next generation in healthy nail care exclusively brought to you by Naturally Yours Studio spa in West Vancouver. Keeping up with fashion trends no longer has to sacrifice your natural beauty values, we’ve done the research and found a line of nail care products that gives all the benefits of traditional gel nails without the harsh after effects of removal. The biggest decision you’ll have to face is which color?

The professional line used by Naturally Yours Studio consists of the revolutionary Evo Oxygenating Base, 40 (yes…we said 40!) colors from trend setting to classic fem, and options for a glass-like Gloss Top Coat, or edgy Matte Top Coat. Applied by skilled NYS aestheticians, the application is efficient and similar to traditional polishes with a base coat, 2 coats of color, and top coat with each cured for 30 seconds using an LED lamp. Gel remover gently dissolves the polish away from the natural nail when its time for a new set, which with so many colors might happen often! The gentle and easy application and removal formula provides strength while maintaining improved air permeability with long lasting wear up to 21 days (chip free!).

Offering several nail treatments specific to Evo that provide nutrients to strengthen your nails and prevent drying effects, NYS provides products that are inspired by nature. The range of products is composed of a variety of moisturizing and nourishing elements. These nail treatment products are used during your manicure and pedicure, as well as during gel application. Providing essential nutrients to enhance nail growth, regular application by a NYS aesthetician utilize the Bio Sculpture Gel Evo2 benefits; an investment in maintaining strong nails, healthy cuticle beds, and satin-like skin. Traditional gel nail applications dehydrate the nail due to the lack of oxygenation, whereas Bio Sculpture Evo2 is scientifically formulated with medical grade ingredients including vitamin A and vitamin E, and non toxic ingredients (5-free…think of formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals!). Rock a social conscious manicure or pedicure as well, knowing NYS promotes products that are not tested on animals and are 100% vegan.

NYS recognizes that are clients are socially conscious and concerned with the health impacts of their beauty regime (which is why we love you!), but supporting your health and the environment doesn’t mean you can’t be a trend setter. Bio Sculpture Gel is one of the few gels that can have nail art embedded into the gel to be sealed with the top coat to ensure nail art longevity, brilliance, and a diamond hard finish. Nail art can highlight your fashion presence of 2016 trends with minimalist geometrics, radiant opalescent shattered glass effects, muted pastels for Spring, or classic French tips.

Feel free to schedule an appointment at NYS spa in West Vancouver for beautiful, healthy nails with us today. (604) 925-3777


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