Pamper your Mom with a Mother’s Day Spa Special

4th May 2016

Happy Mother’s Day from Naturally Yours Studio in West Vancouver!

Mother’s Day is coming up (Sunday May 8th) and we want to take a moment to recognize the love and nurturing that our loving moms have given us. Moms deserve … Read the rest

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Bio Sculpture’s New Evo 2 Gel Nail Line

19th Apr 2016

New! Healthier nails with Bio Sculpture Gel Nail line available at Naturally Yours Stdio spa in West Vancouver.

When it comes to soak-off services, technology has advanced in the past few years, making it much safer for both nails and … Read the rest

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Vivescence: Focus on Radiance

17th Mar 2016

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Get radiant skin with Vivescence skin care at Naturally Yours Studio spa in West Vancouver

Naturally Yours Studio recognizes that radiant skin is essential for the pursuit of a youthful complexion, but … Read the rest

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NYS Naturally Yours Studio now offers acupressure massage and related therapies.

24th Aug 2015

Amir has many years of experience as a massage therapist, coupled with in depth studies into traditional Chinese medicine and herbs. To learn about all the treatments offered, contact Amir at… Read the rest

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NYS Naturally Yours Studio now offers organic permanent makeup ink!!!

24th Aug 2015

NEW – These inks contain no iron oxide so the makeup never develops an orange or reddish tint!!!


Permanent makeup gives you the look you’d like around ­the­ clock. Enhance your eyes, lips and eyebrows…bring out your best….boost confidence…save

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