NYS Naturally Yours Studio now offers organic permanent makeup ink!!!

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24th Aug 2015

NEW – These inks contain no iron oxide so the makeup never develops an orange or reddish tint!!!


Permanent makeup gives you the look you’d like around ­the­ clock. Enhance your eyes, lips and eyebrows…bring out your best….boost confidence…save time.

Accentuate your facial features to:

  • Add drama to your eyes with a smudge­free, waterproof eyeliner
  • Contour and feather natural­looking eyebrows
  • Define your lip­line and add fullness to your lips
  • Provide lip color that compliments your skin and hair tone.

While everyone can benefit from permanent makeup, it is perfect for women with:

  • Little or no hair on their eyebrows
  • Contact lenses or sensitive eyes
  • Lipstick bleeding/small lips
  • Busy schedule and little time
  • Athletic activities

At NYS Studio, we offer 2 types of pigment: natural, mineral pigments which contain iron oxides; and organic pigments that are 100% vegan and organic, made from vegetable dye and do not contain iron oxide or alcohol that can change the pigment color. The choice of which type of pigment you use is always up to you!

The process is the same – the pigments are impregnated just under the very second layer of the skin by means of a tiny, sterile disposable needle. These hypoallergenic pigments are specifically designed for facial application.