Pamper your Mom with a Mother’s Day Spa Special

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4th May 2016

Happy Mother’s Day from Naturally Yours Studio in West Vancouver!

Mother’s Day is coming up (Sunday May 8th) and we want to take a moment to recognize the love and nurturing that our loving moms have given us. Moms deserve more thanks and recognition than you could ever fit into just one day! Lots more. There must be a million reasons to say “I love you, Mom,” and almost as many ways to show her just how much she is appreciated. In case you’re short on ideas, we have some suggestions for great Mother’s Day ideas any mom would love:

  1. A clean house! For all the times she’s picked up you’re dirty socks and folded your laundry why not return the favor by taking on the household chores for the day. Even if you no longer live at home, send mom out for an afternoon at the spa and when she returns her space will be spick and span.
  2. Quality time together. Go shopping, have lunch, stop in for an afternoon spa treatment together! Whatever you do, the gift of your time is most precious to your mom. No matter what our age, we will always be their babies and mothers love to spend time with their children.
  3. A little relaxation time. Even though she seems like a superwoman at times, moms can use a little R&R here and there (probably more often than most!). Why not treat her to a little pampering at the spa? Sometimes moms will tend to put themselves last on the priority list so giving her the gift of “me-time” can be priceless.


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Show your mom just how special she is, book an appointment or pick up a spa gift certificate today!